A barn dance concentrates on traditional English dances; a ceilidh (pronounced "kay-lee") includes more energetic dances and louder music.  If Scottish you can expect to dance ‘The Gay Gordons’ and ‘The Dashing White Sergeant’; and hoe-downs include American Square dancing. The mix of dances is performed in lines, circles and squares.  

Normally you dance with a partner, but often dances will be progressive where you can meet or sometimes change partners.  A barn dance/ceilidh is ideal for celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, as well as corporate and fundraising events as it is a marvellous ice breaker.  It requires no experience or special attire and is suitable for all ages and abilities. 

OddSox works with a highly experienced caller.  Our caller explains the steps to each dance before it begins and then ‘calls’ out the steps as the dance happens, demonstrates and sometimes joins in with the fun.  The difficulty level of the dances is geared to the experience and requirements of the participants.

OddSox are happy to try and accommodate requests for favourite dances, tunes and songs.

If you are searching for something different for your occasion that will give your guests a taste of tradition, bring everyone together, and provide much enjoyment and special memories to treasure, just contact us to discuss your individual requirements.